Don Valley


Capture: Sargas Power Yorkshire Limited

Transport: National Grid Carbon Limited

Storage: Deep Offshore Saline Formation (5/42) – Don Valley CO2 transport and storage being led by National Grid Carbon Limited (alternative options under review)

LOCATION: South Yorkshire, United Kingdom (UK)

CO2 capture source: New power station to be constructed in Stainforth, South Yorkshire

CO2 storage site: Potential location under appraisal is approximately 90 km / 56 miles off the coast of Yorkshire, in a deep saline formation under the North Sea (though enhanced oil recovery options are also under consideration for future options)

INDUSTRY (FEEDSTOCK): Power generation (natural gas)


CO2 CAPTURE CAPACITY VOLUME: Approximately 1.5 million tonnes per annum (Mtpa)

CAPTURE TYPE: Integrated Pressurised capture (IPCT)

CAPTURE METHOD: Hot Potassium Carbonate from pressurised flue-gas



PRIMARY STORAGE OPTION: Dedicated geological storage - offshore deep saline formations (enhanced oil recovery opportunities also being investigated)


TRANSPORTATION TYPE: Pipeline (onshore to offshore)


Approximately 75 km / 46 miles onshore

Approximately 90 km / 56 miles offshore


Project description

The Don Valley Power Project (DVPP) has recently been acquired by Sargas Power Yorkshire Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sargas Power Holdings Limited. The project was first launched by Powerfuel Power Limited and its partner National Grid in 2008 before being purchased by 2Co Energy in 2011. In 2009 the project was awarded €180 million in European Commission funding under their European Energy Program for Recovery (EEPR). 

The Don Valley power plant is planned to be constructed adjacent to the Hatfield Colliery. The Sargas Power plant will provisionally consist of two Sargas Stargate 250 IPCT units generating approximately 520MW (net) of electricity. 90% of the CO2 will be captured from the pressurised system to deliver 1.5 million tonnes of CO2 per annum into the White Rose pipeline network.

Carbon dioxide captured from the Don Valley power plant in Stainforth would be transported to Bramston on the Yorkshire coast via a common‑user pipeline to be constructed by National Grid Carbon (the Yorkshire and Humber CCS Cross Country Pipeline). The DVPP would connect into National Grid’s onshore pipeline through a multi–junction that would be constructed at Camblesforth, Yorkshire. 

The DVPP’s primary storage option is a saline formation known as 5/42 located in the UK’s first CCS license (CS01) and covered by an agreement for lease (Afl) with the Crown Estate. The aquifer is located 70 km / 44 miles off the coast of Yorkshire and about 1,000 metres / 3,280 feet below the floor of the North Sea. In April 2013 National Grid undertook appraisal drilling to test the capacity for the identified saline aquifer to permanently store CO2 captured from power plants and CCS projects in the region, including the DVPP. Storage of CO2 from Don Valley is planned to be in conjunction with CO2 captured from other Yorkshire projects such as the White Rose CCS Project.

In October 2012 the UK Government confirmed that 2Co Energy’s project plans had not been shortlisted to continue to the next stage of bidding for capital funding available through its GB£1 billion CCS Commercialisation Programme Competition. Subsequently, Sargas Power were in exclusive negotiations with 2Co Energy to acquire the project in 2014 which culminated in the change of ownership in late December 2014.The project intends to negotiate with DECC an individual Contract for Difference to help support the higher running costs of the project when operational.


Key project milestones

May 2011: 2Co Energy acquires Powerfuel Power and its Hatfield CCS Project, renaming it the Don Valley Power Project. 

March 2012: Samsung Construction & Trading agrees to take a 15 per cent equity stake in the DVPP.

June 2012: BOC (The Linde Group) agrees to take a 15 per cent equity stake in the DVPP.

October 2012: Don Valley is not shortlisted by the UK Government as one of the four projects to continue to the next stage of bidding for capital funding available under its CCS Commercialisation Programme.

November 2012: 2Co Energy announces that the Don Valley Power Project is to be restructured in order to be financeable without UK and EU capital funding.

February 2013: National Grid signs an Afl with the Crown Estate for the permanent geological storage of CO2 in a saline aquifer located approximately 70 km / 44 miles from the Yorkshire coast.

July 2014: 2Co Energy announced it was in exclusive negotiations to sell its stake in the DVPP to the Norwegian based company, Sargas.

December 2014: Sargas Power complete the acquisition of the DVPP from 2Co Energy.

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