News: July 2016

Scotland’s industry ‘clusters’ hold key to reducing cost of UK climate action

A new study of “clusters” of industrial facilities in Scotland supports recent advice to the UK Government that a focus on delivering shared transport and storage infrastructure can greatly reduce the cost of achieving deep cuts in the UK’s carbon emissions.

The analysis published by Scottish Carbon Capture & Storage (SCCS) [1] shows how re-using existing natural gas pipelines, which pass close to centres of industrial activity, can reduce the cost of transporting captured carbon dioxide (CO2) to geological storage sites already identified offshore.

Cost of decarbonising UK without carbon capture and storage could be an extra £30 billion

Source: SCCS 

Hydrogen and CCS - a low carbon team

Using hydrogen for heating would significantly reduce the UK’s CO2 emissions, a new report has found – but only if backed up with significant Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) development.

The H21 Leeds City Gate project report, launched today (Monday) outlines the benefits of replacing natural gas in the city’s gas grid with ‘green’ hydrogen – a solution which could be rolled out to the rest of the country.