04 May 2016 to 06 May 2016

All-Energy, the UK's leading renewable energy exhibition and conference, is back in Glasgow. And this year’s wide-rangingconference programme will once again feature a great line-up for the Carbon Capture and Storage session on Day Two. Details are still being finalised but you can sign up for this free event at All-Energy 2016

04 May 2016 to 05 May 2016


Energy demand grows every day. With the global population set to rise from 7 to 9 billion by 2050, and the rapidly industrialization of developing countries such as China or India, world energy demand is expected to significantly increase over the next decades. The utilization of fossil fuel to meet high-energy demands entails large emissions of CO2if new policy measurements are not taken. The solution to achieve CO2 emission reduction targets is a combination of energy efficiency, renewable energy and Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technologies.

Carbon Capture is technically feasible nowadays, but there are still critical challenges for the purpose of mitigating high volume CO2 emissions: 1) reducing technology cost; and 2) operating at large scale. Strategies being followed include the development of new and improved solvents, new processes to facilitate capture while reducing cost such as partial oxycombustion, and the investigation on novel materials.

During this workshop, we will examine some of the recent milestones achieved in the CCS community, with emphasis in Carbon Capture technology in Europe and USA, as well as scrutinize some of the challenges ahead.

09 May 2016 to 12 May 2016

The CO2GeoNet Open Forum offers a unique opportunity for stakeholders and major players in the CCS arena and wider energy–climate debate to meet and discuss recent developments with Europe's largest group of researchers on CO2 geological storage.