1st Announcement: Upcoming call for free Transnational Access to the ECCSEL Research Infrastructure

1st Announcement: Upcoming call for free Transnational Access to the ECCSEL Research Infrastructure

Source: ECCSEL


Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage (CCS) is identified as a future key technology for reducing emissions from fossil fuels used for power generation as well as from industrial processes.

ECCSEL is a consortium which teams up selected Centres of Excellence on CCS research from 9 countries across Europe. The mission is to implement and operate a European distributed, integrated Research Infrastructure (RI) initially based on a selection of the best research facilities in Europe for CO2 capture, storage and transport research.

The European Union’s HORIZON 2020 funding programme, supporting the current implementation of ECCSEL, also finances Transnational Access to the ECCSEL RI. The ‘Transnational Access’ grant allows researchers (groups) to access free of charge the available ECCSEL facilities (a selection of 43 facilities across Europe) included in this program, including free travel and lodging.

Research topics

Any researcher with a research project related to CO2 capture, storage or transport (CCS) can apply.


A Research Infrastructure grant offers free access to the Infrastructure including logistical, technological and scientific support, free lodging, a fixed daily subsistence fee and reimbursement of international travel expenses.


The scheme is open for researchers primarily from institutes located in an EU or associated country (EU States and Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Israel, Moldova, Montenegro, Norway, Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey and Ukraine). Some access is also available to applicants from other countries. All researcher groups must disseminate the results they have generated under this transnational access action.

Applying for access

Applicants will be invited to complete the online proposal form and submit it prior to the application deadline. An independent panel will evaluate the proposed project on the basis of scientific merit as well as other criteria. The first call will be published end of January 2016 (subsequent calls will be around end of July and November 2016).

More information

Updated information and a detailed list over the offered laboratories, etc. can be found at the ECCSEL website http://eccsel.org/Sections.aspx?section=554. More information and detailed fact sheets covering all included facilities will be added to the website early January.


Please register your interest by e-mailing Volker Röhling, ECCSEL Project Manager, atvolker.rohling@ntnu.no