Network news

A year of knowledge sharing: Sowing the first seeds The experiences and lessons learned from six full scale CCS demonstration projects in Europe were shared with the public in Rotterdam 10 May 2011. This sharing event was organised back-to-back with the Global CCS Institute’s Members’ Meeting and made up the second day of the integrated CCS Rotterdam 2011. More than 200 people from industry, authorities, research institutions and organisations with an interest in CCS participated in the event.

There is a need for independent trusted third parties to evaluate and verify storage plans. The Bełchatów project was considered a good example of such an approach.Network members voiced some concerns about the level of competence on storage in government and the need for alignment between regional and national governments.Governments have to start discussing potential financial incentives for CCS following the demonstration projects.One potential solution for the problem of long-term liability for storing CO2 might be the introduction of an insurance pool.

The second Network meeting of this year was hosted by Ciuden, who hold offices at the location where the National Energy Museum of Spain is under construction.