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ROAD-Project (Rotterdam)

ROAD is based in the Port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. The project operator is a 50:50 joint venture between E.ON Benelux in partnership with GDF Suez Nederland. TAQA Energy B.V. will provide CO2 injection and permanent CO2 storage. The project will apply post combustion capture to a 250 MW slipstream from new 1,070 GW coal and biomass power plant. The CO2 captured will be transported in a 26 km pipeline to offshore depleted gas reservoirs which are located in block P18 of the Dutch continental shelf. The pipeline has a transport capacity of around 5 million tonnes per year. The depleted gas reservoirs are at a depth of around 3,500 m under the seabed of the North Sea and have an estimated storage capacity of approximately 35 million tonnes. The project is expected to capture 1.1MtCO2/year.

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Sleipner CO2 Injection

Sleipner is based in the North Sea 250 kilometres west of Stavanger, Norway. The project operator is Statoil in partnership with ExxonMobil and Total. It is a gas processing project, the only non-power project in the Network. The natural gas is stripped via a conventional amine capture of its high (~9%) CO2 content, and then is injected into a deep saline formation via a 1km pipeline. The project commenced in 1996 and as of May 2014 has captured and stored 15Mt of CO2.

The storage site is monitored in accordance with OSPAR and the London Protocol amendments for CO2 storage, the baseline seismic survey having been acquired in 1994. The storage site operates under sovereign regulation (Norwegian Act relating to Petroleum Activities), and the monitoring data is placed in the public domain.

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