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The European CCS Demonstration Project Network was established in 2009 by the European Commission to accelerate the deployment of safe, large-scale and commercially viable CCS projects.  To achieve this goal, this community of leading industrial-scale, and fully integrated, demonstration projects is committed to sharing knowledge and experiences. 

The European CCS Demonstration Projects Network is a network of the five leading CCS projects in Europe, Compostilla (Spain) Don Valley (UK) Porto Tolle (Italy) ROAD (The Netherlands) and Sleipner (Norway). The Network is composed of 2 post-combustion power projects, one oxyfuel power project, one IGCC power project and a gas processing, amine capture project, all capturing or planning to capture over 1MtCO2/Yr. Sleipner is the only project currently in operation.

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BBC News - EU green light for UK carbon capture and storage project http://t.co/54dneH3lQi 4 hours 25 min ago


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TCM report on next generation CO2 capture technologies CO2 Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM) commissioned the report, which was compiled by the research organization SINTEF. The report, titled &...

CCS’ steady advance The linkage of short duration weather events to longer time scale climate change is difficult, but is now convincing to some politicians, including the UK Prime Minister. In...

Upcoming events

08 May 2014 to 09 May 2014

The next knowledge sharing event for the members of the European CCS Demonstration Project Netwwork will be held in Ponferrada on the 7th -9th May, with a site visit to CIUDEN's Technology Development Centre for CO2 Capture located in Cubillos del Sil (León).

21 May 2014 to 23 May 2014

CCS open for business at All-Energy 2014 - Countdown to UK's biggest sustainable technology event

With one full-chain carbon capture and storage (CCS) project in the north-east of Scotland making headlines, and encouraging CCS developments elsewhere in the UK, now is the time to explore what that means for businesses and other stakeholders.

04 November 2014 to 06 November 2014

The Global CCS Institute invites you to attend its annual conference to coincide with the
launch of the annual Global Status of CCS report. Attendees will hear from
leaders in the CCS/CCUS, climate and energy sectors on themes such as CCS in
the Gulf region and recent international developments in policy and technology

Network News

CCS power plants could be seen in the market if this is incentivized by regulation and/or if they become competitive with their unabated counterparts, if the additional investment and operational costs, caused in part by efficiency reductions, are compensated by sufficiently high carbon prices (or direct financial support)

The Council committed to cooperate further to address the need for fuel diversification in emerging economies and the importance of transitioning to competitive, safe and sustainable low carbon energy systems, notably through further development and deployment of renewable energies, energy efficiency, and deployment of carbon capture storage and utilisation.