Media relations, national media coverage and experiences of carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects were the topics discussed at the Knowledge Sharing event in Lausanne on Monday. Participants from Australia, Canada, E.U., Japan, Norway and the US joined the event to share their experiences and views on CCS status in the media and on how to raise the technology profile in the press.

Network Analyses

The EU CCS Project Demonstration Network published its third annual report that covers technology progress of different parts of the CCS chain, updates on regulatory developments, summary of efforts related public engagement, costs and knowledge-sharing beyond the Network.

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CCS Network Europe - Nov 22
RT : Global modelling efforts by and highlight the importance of CCS in delivering a 2°C climate goal.
CCS Network Europe - Nov 21
RT : : More than a dozen large-scale, integrated CCS in the industrial sector are in operation today: