CO2GeoNet, the European network on the geological storage of CO2 held their 10th Annual Open Forum "CO2storage - the cornerstone of our low carbon future” from 11-12th May 2015, in San Servolo, Italy. The Open Forum focused on CCS policy and the latest advancements in CO2 geological storage science and technology. Presentations and discussions highlighted recent progress and considered hurdles, which still need to be overcome for large scale deployment of CCS.

Network Analyses

The Joint task force of the European Investment Bank and the Commission published the list of projects Member states submitted for financing under the new Investment Fund that the European Commission President launched recently. 

Insights & Publications

The following Insight is an excerpt from an article by Chris Davies, Member of the European Parliament (MEP) 1999-2014 and Rapporteur for the CCS Directive and the Parliament's...